What to bring checklist

Although the specific list of documents are different for each clients, however given below are the most common list of documents which are generally required to preparing the tax returns.



  • Copy of last year’s Federal and State tax returns (only for new clients)
  • Income/Wage statements:
    • W-2’s
    • 1099’s
    • Alimony received or paid 
    • Brokerage account year-end statements
    • Rental property income and expenses
    • Partnership, S Corp, trusts, or estate yearly statements
    • Pension or retirement income statements
    • Social security income yearly statement
    • Unemployment income yearly statement
    • State income tax refund statement
  • Car, motor home, and boat registration paperwork
  • Donation receipts
  • IRA contributions
  • Child care expenses and provider information
  • Medical expenses
  • State taxes paid
  • Un-reimbursed employment-related expenses
  • Job-related educational expenses
  • Casualty or theft losses
  • Foreign income received
  • Foreign taxes paid


  • Mortgage interest year-end statement
  • Home equity year-end statement
  • Property tax information
  • If you sold your home, sales information and details

Businesses Owners

  • Income and expense reports
  • Mileage logs for autos
  • Receipts for business assets purchased
  • Business use of home


  • Tuition and education fees
  • Student loan information
  • Grants and scholarship information